Saturday, October 13, 2012

How To Hack Facebook-The Facebook Hack

Well i know since you are here you have been searching every day and night how to hack on Facebook to hack the Facebook accounts of your friend to prank him or to get revenge on your enemy by hacking his Facebook account. Nevertheless of the reason if your aim is to hack a Facebook account then pat yourself on your back cos you are on the right place.Now i will provide you a free software to hack any Facebook account within the click of a button.It is known as Facebook Hack v 2.9

Well, to make you fully understand the system how this application works you would probably need around few months first to learn the basics of programming. After that you would again need few years possibly (depends on how fast learner you are) to fully understand the method how it works. But briefly, it is researching through database where data is stored, and depends on your victim's email and profile ID number/ username, it decrypts them using the decryptor plugin built inside. Some data can be hacked in few seconds , some can take few minutes, or rarely hours. This depends on how your victim's account is made. Some which are hard to hack are made of letters (uppercase + lowercase), numbers and special characters (. , - ! etc.). Obviously, some of them are made just of letters, and can be hacked very fast. The crazy is, almost everyone use this same thing! And then whine about someone hacked them. Until they learn how important is to have strong passcode to be secure, you have the power to hack them with a click of a button using our tool!

Facebook Hack v2.9:
This advanced program will help you to hack facebook password of any account. All you need to know is their email address and you’ll be able to gain access to the users account. With that being said, the program  is fairly simple to use. In the second text box you will insert theemaill address for the account or if you’re unable to figure that out, you can input the profile id which is usually like a 9 digit number sequence but can often be word or words set by the profile owner. You can find this number by looking at the URL when you visit the program.

Finally, hit the "Hack" button. This will begin the process of searching throught the database. When it has completed the task, you will be notified with a message box informing you it has completed and you can use the login and password to login to the account you have hacked.

How to Hack facebook

STEP1:Click the Download Button Below:
  • Download Our Tool From the above link
  • Enter the desired email address of the person.
  • Click on ‘Hack’.
  • Wait approximately 4-10 seconds.
  • The password will appear tab below.
  • Username will appear in the "Username" tab
  • Then just simply logon  with the email and password and  you’re done.

We have decided to protect the file, meaning that you have to fill in a short survey. The surveys are free and only take about a minute; so either download it or don't. We hope that this new gateway will limit the number of downloads to only people who really want to use our program